Who are we?

A young start-up which decided to pull the bull by its horns and change the way Business Affairs is done in the cultural sector.

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  • It is the peace of mind of having specialists at your service. 


  • It is time and money saved.


  • It is financing advice and services specific to your projects 


  • It is a project management digital platform that offers a list of funding programs specific for your productions. 

Our team

Stéphanie Chapelle


Business Affairs consultant for more than 10 years, Stéphanie Chapelle puts her expertise and her international experience to the service of the creative and cultural industries and independents. “Thinking outside of the box” is her motto.

Ex-banker, producer and screenwriter, Stéphanie can easily move from the creative to the administrative and understands both points of view. Her strength is her ability to bridge both sides in order to smoothen the financing process and make it more efficient. Her search for efficiency lead her to create IBAcentral – a cultural management project digital platform specializing in Film, Television, New Media and Video Games.

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Siobane Chagnaud

Marketing Project Manager

After a Bachelor’s degree of Applied Foreign Languages (English/Chinese) and Economics, Siobane joined IBAcentral and is in charge of marketing, communication and web design. Fascinated by new technologies and thanks to her vision as precise as innovative, this 21-year-old girl from La Rochelle is not afraid of challenges and is ready to give her all to succeed. 


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Our Services

   Funding and commercial strategy – get a new pair of eyes on your project;

   Complete Business Affairs on a project – from getting funding to the last payment;

   Punctual Missions: funding  and tax credit applications, certification application, Interim financing setup etc.

 Other services: tax credit calculation, cashflow schedule, specific project missions exploitation reports, pitch documents in English and French etc.

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If our digital platform is in Beta test mode, our business affairs services are up and running… So please do not hesitate! Contact us right away to discuss your project and ask us for a quote!

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September 5, 2017

Pôle Magelis

IBAcentral – nouvelle entreprise de la pépinière Magelis !

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June 9, 2017

IBAcentral, lauréat de l’appel à Projet Produits du Futur

La Charente Libre – IBAcentral est l’une de sept lauréats de l’Appel à projet Produits du Futur 2017 lancé par le Grand Angoulême !   FRENCH TECH: UNE VITRINE POUR LES START-UP HIGHT-TECH DE L’EX-POITOU-CHARENTES

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